The nebula desktop environment!

Nebula Desktop

A light desktop that fits all your needs. You can search for apps, pin them, unpin them, all of this just with a right click of your mouse. It detects when games or other multimedia apps are running and stops heavy tasks, such as composited window managers, that might affect the computer's performance.
Play Linux uses the Linux Kernel 4.2, and is based on Ubuntu 15.10.

Change themes, backgrounds and more!


The new customiser in Play Linux allows for wide control over the UI so you can choose how your machine should feel and look.
At this moment you can change height, opacity, icon size, wallpaper, etc.
It also allows you to change system-wide settings such disable or enable boot or shutdown sounds.

Borderlands 2 on 60FPS and vSync


Gaming on Play Linux was never this easy, you can install and directly start gaming because we inegrated an AutoGPU installer in the Beta 1 build of Play Linux.
So now you don't have to worry the things you don't understand.
Currently supports: Nvidia Desktops, Nvidia Laptops and AMD Desktops

All of what you need

All of what you need

Play Linux is not just for gaming, it also comes with:
Chromium Browser, a powerful tool to navigate the internet.
PlayOnLinux (Wine), an app that can run Windows applications and games.